Monday, May 18, 2009

Is summer coming anytime soon?

It had been cold lately here in Montreal… I still have my winter jacket! I just cannot wait to see the summer coming anytime soon. Everything is pretty smoothly at my jobs. I got evaluate in real-time in a buddy session. I might had been nervous or something because I had a call where one guy was not an account holder and I told him directly I couldn’t help him… without asking the reason for the call. On the spot, I didn’t react but it was just after that I find the situation very hilarious and even today, I am still laughing about it. Like wow! Lol…

Sometimes, life is strange.

I am going to be job searching beginning of June and for now, I am just enjoying what I have left as free-time.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Dieting among other things

Summer is almost here and I start a diet – that I barely follow. It would have been nice to loose a couple of ponds for the summer, but I thing I won’t be able to do it :)

Among other things I try to do and I was not successful doing – was one I had try to try several times before – it’s trying to make money online. I had a pretty bad experience with Gomez PEER that I tried and it was about it. And after what I gave up. Problem being I do not have that much times and I am not online very often. I get very upset when something I tried do not work and I am also just a bit tired.

I would like to make if not – just 50$ per month online. But the whole deal almost impossible. And I have so many things to do at this time! Just outrageous, not having time to do what I want to do. And when I am getting very tired – I had those back pain like if I am a 50 years old or something.

These days are not that good but not that bad either. I didn’t take vacations for a very long time but I am so paranoid that I feel I could loose one my job if I do so. I am not doing that alright after all lol!

And like a couple of weeks ago, I got high on those cold medicines I buy. Those were non-prescription medication I purchase at a drugstore. I got a major high while taking the pills and now – the only thing I want is get more of those magic pills. Just hilarious.

And now, I had those high fees for the portable Internet of Rogers. The bill was quite high, more than 200$ and I have no clue what it does cover since I do not received any invoices and didn’t subscribe to their online billing yet. And it’s about it for now - at the exception that I had been working at 2 jobs for more than a year now and lost a third one just back last week. I do not want to work at 3 jobs ever again.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lost in the wind

It’s been a very long time since I didn’t post anything here, that’s the reason of this post title. Because for several months, I was really lost in the wind. I had computer and Internet connection problems. I had several Trojans virus and other. But I now have Kaspersky install in my laptop and its way much better, I really can feel a difference. I was surfing the Web with an out-of-date anti-virus I believe before. Anyway, I am very glade now that all of those computer problem had been resolved. And I learn a few things about computers along the way.

I went through a lot those several months. Not that I went through some bad stuff, but I had been working super hard! And now, with the recession we are in, I just hope things will continue the way they are and I just hope to be able to continue the way things are right now.

At wok, everything is working fine. I also have a part-time morning job. Sometimes, my hours get cut off, but most of the time, I am able to do an average of 20 hours per week and I also work full-time at another place and finally, I also work during weekends at another place. All together, the money is great, that’s why I just hope the recession won’t come and hurt me badly, more than I am already.

I also now have the Internet at home, which I enjoy very much and I plan to blog more and I also hope to use my free time to see if there’s a way for me to earn some money online.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


I am at an Internet cafe right now, since I had to send some stuff over the Internet and I was in need in a real good Internet connexion. I am setting next to 2 Ambulances, ready to go at any time.

I didn't blog for a little while, my Internet connexion is on and off at home and it's not really reliable. Most of the time, I have the Internet, and the signal I catch is strong enough to let me blog and surf the Internet as long as I want. Most of the time.

I get my hair cut, but it took 2 hours, which I find hilarious. I want to a hairdresser school. The cut is ok, but it just it took 2 hours before get it completely done. Good thing I wasn't in a hurry.

Things are pretty smooth, as I am still working at the same jobs, no more to do some job searching anymore, as I get really lazy on that part.

I am just happy to see all the snow gone. The weather is still a bit cold, but I can tolerate a cold wheater, as soon as there's no snow. Which is the case now.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Beautiful Sunday out in the Sun

I didn't blog that much these last days. I was way too busy at doing nothing and everything. Today was a beautiful day and I want out for a walk on Mont-Royal Avenue. I just like the area so much. There were a lot of people out there doing the same thing as me. I had brought my camera with me, but I didn't took any pictures, as I was too busy shopping. I shop and walk around and it was about it, I went back home, and there I learn a good news.

The place were I use to work are in need of people, so I am going to be able to work there on weekend. I receive the email on today and reply to it just a couple of hours ago. So let say my search for a part-time job is over for now. I am not that in need of extra money at this time, but with Spring and Summer that will come I hope really soon, extra cash is more than welcome.

I hope to do a little trip someplace this summer. Last summer, I almost went to Prince Edward Island. I would like to visit Toronto, since I never visit. I would like to see New York too. Anyway, I will be able to visit the 2 if I can still working at my 2 jobs for a couple of weeks. I don't have other plan for now. But knowing myself, I might turning out working like crazy once again during Summer time, especially now that I had been called back from the other job. I just work will continue there in the Summer too. I hate to search for jobs. I try to find myself a part-time job, but I find it difficult. But it's seem like my search is offer for now. I am just waiting for a confirmation.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Chiodos, First part of Linkin Part, Montreal, Bell Centre, February 22, 2008

Coheed and Cambura, second part of Linkin Park, Montreal, Bell Centre, February 22, 2008

Linkin Park - Montreal, Bell Centre, February 22, 2008

Me and my Linkin Park t-shirt

I didn’t blog for a long time here. I have been busy at work. We had the opportunity to do some overtime, which I find great. There are so many people quitting this job. It’s not an easy job, but when you can do overtime, it’s worth it. So let say I am staying there until they won’t let me do overtime no more. On that day, I will begin my search for another job. But so far, I have been working at that place since last November and they always been in need of overtime. And now I am a bit more comfortable at the job, it’s not so bad doing overtime there.

Most of the calls are in English, so I get the chance to practice everyday my English. I can now say myself bilingual lol. I didn’t really want to work in English at first, but I didn’t have the choice. And now, it’s ok. But it’s funny that I find a job in English knowing what my English is….. but I guess they were really in need of people at that time. Not that my English is so bad, but I still speak English with a French accent. There’s nothing I can do about it.

And sometimes, I get some funny calls that begin in English, but because the person notice my accent, the person who is bilingual will just start speaking French lol, and than I say to the client that I am « bilingual » lol and that I can serve them in English if they prefer……… And I hate when something like this happen.

I have been to a Linkin Park concert this Friday. First part was Chiodos, second part Coheed and Cambua, and there came Linkin Park…. And I bought myself a t-shirt, just like my friend, as a souvenir of my first concert at the Bell Center. You can see the pic of myself in the t-shit here. And a pic of Linkin Park. I took a lot of pics, but my digital camera is not so good and it’s getting worst when taking pictures in the dark.

It’s the second time of my life I get a t-shirt of a band……. First time was a t-shit of New Kids on the Block, and it was a long time ago lol!

Monday, February 4, 2008

My search for a second job continue

It didn't work out for my second job for the only good reason that my charming supervisor was too slow to forward my request for my fix work schedule. When I went out of the interview, the employer told me I had the job, but I need to be able to give regular hours week after week. I told him I wasn't able to do so at the present time, and than he ask me if I had another job... which I had to told yes.... and the other job wasn't put in my resume lol Anyway, I told him that for now I didn't have a fix work schedule. He told me to give him a call when I can arrange something.

I was unlucky, because my supervisor forward my request to late and when I call the employer for the second job, he told me it was too late... It's so frustrating! All that work for nothing. Anyway, now I have my regular work schedule, so it will be easier to seek for a second job... But for now, I am currently sick....... lol

Nothing is working right for me and I wonder why. lol I am not asking that much from life. But it's seem like no matter how hard I try there's always something funny happening that just don't make the whole thing working out.

Like just for example, for earlier today, I try to access Internet from home from a wireless connexion I can usually get from my computer. Well, today, this morning, for a reason or another, it was just not working. I need to search for job, I wanted to blog. But nothing is working. As usual................................... lol

So I want to cafe, and it cost me near 2 bucks for a small coffee. And were am I.

I saw an ex co-worker of mine at a cafe

Since I don't have my own wireless connection at home, I sometimes go to a cafe near I live whenever I need to go important things, like sending resume, etc... Well, one night, I saw one of my co-worker at the job that I was before. I just look at her, I wans't too sure if it was her. She looked at me too. We didn't take. Not that I didn't want to, but she was with friends, and I wasn't feeling really comfortable to go see her, knowing she certainly work for the same employer. Anyway, I could apologize later on if we see again later, saying I wasn't sure if it was her or not. It had been a long time, but I still look the same. I didn't change my hair color yet, I am too scare of what I could look like... lol

I am off today, I like the job I have right now. There are possibilities to do extra hour. I know some people who are able to reach more than 1 000$ per 2 weeks, you just need to do extra hours. For myself, it's going fine there, and even if hard to reach the 1 000$ per 2 weeks, my latest paycheck was of 969$, I would like to stay there. To have that 969$, I made almost 18 extra hours. A lot of people do extra hours, you just need to arrive at work earlier and ask if you cn begin, which all the time is a yes as answer, if there's seat available. If I arrive early in the morning, before noon, there's good chance I will be able to do extra hours. The most I did so far was 3 extra hours in a day. It's easy and not at the same time because you just don't stop receiving calls, and after a while, when you know the job well, you just do the same thing over and over again. Which is fine with me, because I rather do the same thing over and over again than do things I don't know how to do... That's my life as a prepaid lady. lol

I have been sick for the last couple of days. I got a terrible cold that I try to get off with night pills and day pills for cold. And I begin to take vitamin A, which are good for the eyes. Since I sit in front of a computer during the day and also during my free time, a little bit of vitamin A can just help me. My cold medicine really drug me. I wasn't able to sleep one night and I took a gravol, which I usually take when I take the bus to go New Brunswick, it's just make me sleep like an angel.


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